Join the Crowd!

wilson_join-the-crowdMore adults are getting orthodontic treatment than ever before. Studies indicate that today, about 25 percent of all orthodontic patients are adults, an increase of 40 percent from 20 years ago.

Dr. David Wilson reports that his practice is seeing more adults in recent years. “Some want treatment for aesthetic reasons—they’re finally ready to get that perfect smile,” he says. “Others have functional concerns, including bite problems, TMJ pain or other conditions. The fact is, form and function go hand-in-hand. Creating a beautiful new smile eliminates orthodontic problems, and when I correct alignment, spatial, or jaw conditions, the end result is always a much more attractive smile.”

Why the surge in adult orthodontics? The reasons are many and include:

  • adults today  are healthier, living longer, and more interested in their oral health
  • braces are now considered much more acceptable and stylish than ever before
  • dental appliances  are smaller, more discreet and comfortable
  • about a third of today’s adult patients had orthodontic treatment in the past but their teeth shifted due to not wearing their retainer

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