Are You Missing the Obvious?

worn-down-teethMany adults aren’t happy with their smiles, and they often can’t pinpoint the reason for their dissatisfaction. It might not be as “plain as the nose on your face,” but the reason is pretty darn close–it’s worn-down teeth.

Adults, especially “bruxers” (people who clench and grind their teeth) can lose more than half of their visible tooth surface over time. The process is so slow it’s tough to recognize, but the end result is always the same–very short, nubby, jagged teeth resulting in an unattractive smile. And in addition to a loss of aesthetics, bruxers typically experience pain, tooth decay and fractures and other debilitating conditions.

Modern dentistry, especially when treating worn-down teeth, requires a team approach for the most pleasing, healthy and permanent results. Wilson Orthodontics works closely with general dentists, along with the region’s leading dental specialists (periodontists, endodontists and oral surgeons) when gum, bone or root problems are involved. The results are appealing, healthy and lasting.

Adult treatment is a Wilson Orthodontics specialty. Don’t miss out! Contact us for a free, no obligation evaluation and detailed treatment plan.