Are You Missing the Obvious?

worn-down-teethMany adults aren’t happy with their smiles, and they often can’t pinpoint the reason for their dissatisfaction. It might not be as “plain as the nose on your face,” but the reason is pretty darn close–it’s worn-down teeth.

Adults, especially “bruxers” (people who clench and grind their teeth) can lose more than half of their visible tooth surface over time. The process is so slow it’s tough to recognize, but the end result is always the same–very short, nubby, jagged teeth resulting in an unattractive smile. And in addition to a loss of aesthetics, bruxers typically experience pain, tooth decay and fractures and other debilitating conditions.

Modern dentistry, especially when treating worn-down teeth, requires a team approach for the most pleasing, healthy and permanent results. Wilson Orthodontics works closely with general dentists, along with the region’s leading dental specialists (periodontists, endodontists and oral surgeons) when gum, bone or root problems are involved. The results are appealing, healthy and lasting.

Adult treatment is a Wilson Orthodontics specialty. Don’t miss out! Contact us for a free, no obligation evaluation and detailed treatment plan.

Adults – Take a Good Look in the Mirror!

Our teeth are incredibly hard and durable but they wear down as we age. This “attrition” occurs naturally when we chew our food, and crooked teeth or a bad bite can also play a role.


But by far the biggest  cause is clenching and grinding of the teeth, called “bruxing.” This activity can happen  while we’re awake, while asleep, or both.  And most of the time we aren’t even aware of this bad habit.

Most people clench or grind their teeth on occasion, some more than others.  For the most habitual bruxers, the results can have a severe impact on both our appearance and our health.

Bruxer’s “ground down” upper front teeth are typically very short.  Their teeth are worn straight across  and instead of having gently rounded contours, the biting edges are often jagged. All this results in a very unnatural, unattractive smile.

Not only that, bruxing causes functional complications, too. Clenching and grinding can cause headaches, jaw pain, decayed (think root canal) and fractured teeth and more. Left untreated, the problems only get worse – and the treatment more involved and expensive.

Sometimes veneers, crowns and implants  alone can remedy this problem. Most often, orthodontics is needed to help restore your natural, healthy smile.

Take a good look in the mirror. If you’re a bruxer, understanding the role of orthodontics in treating worn-down teeth is very important. Over the next several months we’ll be discussing this further, including Dr. Wilson’s own treatment for a serious bruxing problem…stay tuned!

Vote With Your Feet… and Teeth in Mind!


Maybe you’ve heard the old saying that “people vote with their feet,” meaning that they express their preferences by voluntarily opting in, or opting out and going somewhere else if they don’t like the offer.

More and more,  voters are casting their ballots for adult orthodontics. In recent years there’s been a tremendous increase in adult treatment, and patients aged 21 and up now account for nearly 25 percent of new patient starts.

Voters throughout the Susquehanna Valley have made Wilson Orthodontics the clear leader in adult treatment. Dr. David G. Wilson has more than 30 years of experience in caring for adults, and he receives on-going education and training in this specialized field.

Adults see a noticeable change not just in their teeth, but in their entire face…a full smile with better balance and aesthetics for a more youthful look.

Please scroll down to learn more about adult treatment. Then vote with your feet—and vote with your teeth in mind—and contact Wilson Orthodontics today for a free, no-obligation evaluation, complete with x-rays, models, and photos. Plus you’ll receive a complete diagnosis and learn about your treatment and financial options, all during your first visit!

Join the Crowd!

wilson_join-the-crowdMore adults are getting orthodontic treatment than ever before. Studies indicate that today, about 25 percent of all orthodontic patients are adults, an increase of 40 percent from 20 years ago.

Dr. David Wilson reports that his practice is seeing more adults in recent years. “Some want treatment for aesthetic reasons—they’re finally ready to get that perfect smile,” he says. “Others have functional concerns, including bite problems, TMJ pain or other conditions. The fact is, form and function go hand-in-hand. Creating a beautiful new smile eliminates orthodontic problems, and when I correct alignment, spatial, or jaw conditions, the end result is always a much more attractive smile.”

Why the surge in adult orthodontics? The reasons are many and include:

  • adults today  are healthier, living longer, and more interested in their oral health
  • braces are now considered much more acceptable and stylish than ever before
  • dental appliances  are smaller, more discreet and comfortable
  • about a third of today’s adult patients had orthodontic treatment in the past but their teeth shifted due to not wearing their retainer

Exploring your options in adult orthodontic treatment is easy—contact us for a free, no-obligation consultation!

Dr. Wilson is Cycling for Survival this Saturday!


Joanne Wilson

Joanne Wilson

On March 6th, I’m leading the “JoJo’s Mojo” Cycle for Survival Team to help fund the battle against rare cancers. My wife Joanne (JoJo) has been battling liposarcoma (malignant soft tissue tumors)  for eight years. Joanne has endured five surgeries and is now being treated with experimental drugs at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, the world’s leader in rare cancer treatment, clinical trials and research.

Team JoJo’s Mojo is riding to help support rare cancer research at Sloan Kettering. One hundred percent of every dollar raised funds pioneering research for patients world-wide, and Wilson Orthodontics is matching every individual donation up to $1,000 each.

Take five minutes and watch Dr. Wilson’s video (below) to learn more. And visit our Team Page to make a donation.

Every dollar counts…thanks in advance for your support!

Sincerely, Dr. David Wilson

Why Adult Dentistry Is Definitely Not Childs-play

wilson_adult-smilesDental implants, veneers, TMJ pain, cross bites or just plain crooked teeth. Restoring oral health, function and great aesthetics in adults can be more complex compared to adolescents. Grown-ups are more prone to gum disease, and previous dental work such as cavity fillings and crowns can present special challenges. Plus, adult faces have stopped growing and corrective surgery may be needed in some cases.

Regardless of your condition, orthodontics often plays a vital role. Dr. David Wilson has specialized training and decades of experience in complex restorations. And,  depending on your unique condition and treatment plan, he teams with the Valley’s leading dental specialists – periodontists to restore bone and gum function, endodontists to treat nerve and tissue conditions, and oral surgeons. Dr Wilson also collaborates closely with your general dentist to promote optimum continuity of care.

Wilson Orthodontics delivers the most effective, long-lasting results possible to our adult patients. It’s never too late for a healthy, beautiful smile… contact us for a free, no-obligation evaluation!

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Girls on the Run Power Up!

wo-gotr-exercisewo-gotr-fallThe skies were overcast and the temperature a bit chilly for the recent Susquehanna Valley chapter’s Girls on the Run fall 5k race, but spirits ran high for the 700 participants. After registration, the day started with some warm-up Zumba dancing, then the racers (actually most people walked) wound their way through Selinsgrove before finishing at Susquehanna University’s Field House.

wo_gotr_bottleLike the group’s Spring race, all the entrants received bottled spring water, courtesy of Wilson Orthodontics. And the event – and our donation – was a big hit. “This is fantastic…thanks Dr. Wilson!,” commented Cheryl Stumpf, executive director of the local GOTR chapter.

Girls on the Run encourages its members to reach their full potential, empowering them with a heightened sense of joy, self-confidence and physical, spiritual and emotional health. The organization has changed more than one million lives, one girl at a time…what better cause to support?

And, the winner is…

Sabrina-Cooper-iPad-WinnerBy the narrowest of margins, Sabrina Cooper from West Milton won last month’s “Orthodontic I.Q. Challenge” online contest. Out of dozens of entries, she’s the only contestant to answer all of the questions correctly. Two other participants (including a 13-year-old from Richfield) trailed right behind, missing only one correct answer.

Sabrina discovered the contest invitation on Facebook, and she says she did plenty of research while completing her entry. The event was open to anyone in the local area, but as it turned out, Sabrina is actually a current Wilson Orthodontic patient. She’s about halfway through her treatment plan and says, “I’m already breathing better, that was an issue. And I’m looking forward to my finished smile, that’s maybe my top priority!”

Many thanks to everyone who participated. We hope the challenge helped raise “Orthodontic I.Q.” throughout the Valley!

It’s never Too Late For A Healthy, Beautiful Smile!

wilson_ad_adultBraces aren’t just for kids anymore. Adults today are living longer, we’re more health and image conscious, and we want to age gracefully.

A large percentage of our patients are adults. About half have functional problems—a bad bite (malocclusion), trouble chewing food, or pain from TMJ, to name just a few. Other seek orthodontic treatment for aesthetic reasons—it’s finally time to get that perfect smile they’ve always dreamed about.

Fact is, healthy teeth can be moved at any age, so there’s no such thing as being too old for braces. However, orthodontic treatment for adults is different in two important respects: For one thing, the growth and development of the jaws is complete in adults, so changes in actual jaw structure can’t be accomplished with orthodontic appliances in the way they can with a growing child.

Secondly, periodontal (gum) disease is more prevalent in adults than in children, and any unhealthy gum tissues and resulting bone loss must be addressed. Helping our patients make informed, healthy choices often requires a holistic approach that incorporates all aspects of the dental profession. Simply” repairing” teeth is rarely the answer, and pre-restorative orthodontics makes dentistry easier and assures more stable, long-term results.

As the old saying goes, you’re only as young as your feel! Contact us to schedule a free evaluation. In addition to a clinical exam and a discussion of treatment options, we offer full orthodontic records (x-rays, models, photos) to provide the most thorough diagnosis and treatment plan…in one visit!