I loved coming to Dr. Wilson’s office!

Seven-year-old Krista was referred to us by her dentist. She arrived at her first appointment with narrow, misaligned jaws, and the crowded, crooked teeth typical of that condition.
I was younger and a little scared. I didn’t know what to expect, including if my friends would tease me about wearing braces. As it turns out, nobody did…everyone was really supportive.

It didn’t take long to see my face change, I noticed it in just a few months. When I logged onto the computer when I came for appointments and saw my ‘before’ picture the difference was amazing!

I’m done with treatment now and a lot more confident. As a cheerleader, that’s real important. I couldn’t be happier with the results, and I actually referred two of my friends to Dr Wilson.


Two Beautiful Daughters, Two Beautiful Smiles.

We treated Shana and Shannen for a very common orthodontic condition. They both had crowded teeth caused by a narrow upper jaw. We started treatment with jaw expansion – fortunately, they were young enough that their palates weren’t  fused, so surgery wasn’t needed. After expansion, braces were used to gradually move the teeth into their proper position.



L to R: Shana, Shane and Shannen

My wife and I noticed our daughters’ crooked teeth long before our pediatric dentist recommended orthodontics for them. He also recommended Wilson Orthodontics.

We have two beautiful girls and we wanted them to have beautiful smiles. When we saw their x-rays and photos it became clear that there was lots of work to be done – a picture is worth a thousand words. During the first appointment Dr. Wilson also shared his diagnosis and treatment plan.

Both girls started treatment when they were in seventh grade. Shana went first, then her younger sister Shannen followed. Both needed to have their upper jaws expanded and I couldn’t believe how Dr. Wilson was able to move their jaws and teeth around.

I was able to compare the results with a boy I know who went to a different orthodontist. That doctor just straightened his teeth after doing some extractions. Dr. Wilson made the whole mouth the way it was supposed to be, and the girls didn’t need any extractions.

I know that Dr. Wilson charges a little more than some other orthodontists but you get what you pay for. He definitely went the extra mile and we’re all thrilled with the results!

I wanted a perfect smile…without extractions!

nancyAbout ten years ago I went to see an orthodontist. My crowded teeth weren’t all that bad but I wanted them straighter. I was told that several teeth needed to be extracted for my goal to be accomplished. I wasn’t happy about that—not really scared at the prospect but felt the extractions weren’t worth the trauma—so I didn’t proceed with treatment.

Several years later I learned about Dr. Wilson’s orthodontic techniques—he avoids surgery and pulling teeth whenever possible. I was intrigued and made an appointment. It went great! The exam was very thorough, the cost, time frame, and diagnosis discussed, and all my questions answered. Best of all, I DIDN’T NEED ANY TEETH EXTRACTED.

If you haven’t been to Wilson Orthodontics you may find this hard to believe but the treatment process was actually very pleasant. The staff was well organized, on time, and friendly while still being professional. Dr. Wilson was especially great. He’s a perfectionist—I wanted a perfect smile, and he did everything possible to achieve that goal. In the end, I couldn’t be any more pleased and I am happy to share my story and to help spread the word.

I Feel Like a New Man

Wilson Orthodontics specializes in treating Temporomandibular joint dysfunction, commonly known as TMJ. This condition can be caused  by a variety of factors and it takes a skilled orthodontist to successfully relieve the patient’s jaw “popping,” pain and other discomfort. Tony’s story follows.


A few years ago I really began to experience jaw problems – severe pain, and at night I was grinding my teeth and actually wearing them down.

My doctor said I had TMJ and I decided to see Wilson Orthodontics for treatment. Dr. Wilson treated my two kids 17 years ago. We were very happy with their results so the the choice was easy.

Dr. Wilson did a diagnosis and treatment plan my first trip in. Turns out my jaws were too narrow, plus I also had an overbite and other problems. I needed surgery for jaw expansion—younger kids usually don’t. I also got braces to move my teeth to the right position.

I just finished treatment a few months ago and feel like a new man. No more pain, no more grinding. I have a  totally different bite and it feels great! Lot’s of people have noticed the change, and it makes me smile when I think about it.

A Tale of Three Smiles

Genetics often plays a big role in orthodontics – family members tend to have the same types of tooth and jaw conditions. As Mom explains, her triplet’s cases were a little different.


Before pictures: Hunter (top) Martin (center) Sara (bottom)

Before pictures:
Hunter (top)
Martin (center)
Sara (bottom)

“My triplets all needed orthodontic treatment, each for different conditions. Crowded teeth, “buck teeth,” narrow jaws…you name the problem, at least one of my kids had it.

“My father in-law was a retired dentist and he noticed the problems early on. Later, a pediatric dentist at Geisinger confirmed the diagnosis and gave me a referral list but recommended Dr. Wilson.

“That’s who I picked and it was a great decision. Years ago I had orthodontics and teeth pulled. It was really a sad, miserable experience and I didn’t want that for my kids. Also, treating kids early is easier on everyone. Braces are actually “cool” when they’re younger and treatment isn’t really a big deal for them. And they don’t have jobs, college or other obligations to deal with. It’s really best to choose early treatment and nobody does it better than Dr. Wilson.”

Why I like going to Dr. Wilson’s…

Collin before starting treatment.

Collin before starting treatment.

Collin came to us with a narrow jaw, overbite and very crooked teeth. We’re all fortunate that the family decided to start treatment early, and his treatment plan did NOT include any extractions or surgery. He’s been a great patient and together we’ve achieved wonderful results.


My dentist said I needed orthodontics so my dad and I went to see Dr. Wilson.

When we were there the first time he told me exactly what I needed and that it would only take 18 months – I liked that.

He started by fixing my jaw and then I got braces. I like this place. Everyone here makes jokes and they get me laughing. It was a little scary at first but there’s no reason to be nervous.

I’m on the schedule Dr. Wilson promised and people are already seeing a big difference. I’ve gotten lots of compliments from everyone. Friends from school have noticed noticed my straight teeth and I really felt good with my new smile at Picture Day.

All in the Family

Gavin before starting treatment.

Gavin before starting treatment.

The need for orthodontics often runs in the family. Lisa from Mount Pleasant Mills has had FIVE children treated by Wilson Orthodontics – somebody call the Guinness Book of Records!


When my oldest son Malachi needed orthodontic work, I considered the options when choosing where to go for treatment. Wilson Orthodontics was conveniently located, but I chose Dr. Wilson for more important reasons.

He’s a perfect fit. I really appreciate how he takes the time to explain his goals and update me on how treatment is going. His plans were more than just putting braces on the front teeth – he has a very holistic approach.

Having a great smile is important but good orthodontic treatment isn’t just about cosmetics. My kids had narrow jaws, and expanding them made a world of difference in their lives.

There’s probably a good chance my youngest daughter may need orthodontic work as well, just like her older siblings. That would make six out of six. If she does, there’s no doubt which office we’ll be heading to!

Meet Lisa and her family here:

I can’t believe my new smile!

Patient Update: Chance got his braces off!

chance_nobraces“I’m still getting used to the change,” he says. “I look in the mirror and can’t believe my new smile. Lots of people have commented, too. And now I can eat whatever I want, like taking a big bite out of an apple. It’s a great feeling…really fantastic! Thank you Wilson Orthodontics…from the bottom of my heart.”

Scroll down to see Chance’s “before” pictures and watch his video.

I didn’t want my kids’ teeth pulled.

Avoiding tooth extractions (and surgery) is important to both kids and their parents. And that’s one of the things that Wilson Orthodontics is known for. Some orthodontists pull teeth as part of their standard practice. I like to start treatment early…along with widening jaws without surgery, the need to extract teeth is usually eliminated. That’s one big reason reason why Kendra chose my practice, and her comments follow below.
Lane's before treatment photos

Lane’s before treatment photos


Kendra from Mifflinburg:

My kids and I all had “small mouths” and crowded, crooked teeth…bad genetics. Lane’s permanent teeth were actually growing in sideways.

A friend recommended Dr. Wilson. I could see the great results he had with her kids.

I shopped around for an orthodontist just to be sure and ended up choosing Dr. Wilson anyway. I had orthodontic work when I was young and had permanent teeth pulled. I didn’t want that for my kids…it was a major concern. Dr. Wilson was the only orthodontist that said my kids shouldn’t need extractions.

Dr. Wilson was also more decisive than the others, he really seemed in command. One thing that sold me was that he does more than just straighten teeth, he makes the whole face look better.

Dr. Wilson wasn’t the least expensive but I felt very comfortable choosing him. When you look at the big picture, it’s a small investment for my kids to have great smiles that last a lifetime.

Braces aren’t just for girls.


Photo of Chance’s teeth prior to starting treatment.

Chance has been a great patient to work with. He started treatment here when he was almost 15 years old. In order to give him the best possible smile, I needed to grow his bottom jaw forward, expand his upper jaw and create more space for his teeth to fit together properly. 

The boney suture that connects the two halves of the upper jaw together typically fuses somewhere between 11 and 13 years of age. And once that happens it’s not possible to expand the upper jaw without surgery. That procedure isn’t considered major but I like to avoid it by starting treatment early. Even though Chance was older than 13, we were still able to expand his jaw since his suture fortunately hadn’t fused. We’re both very happy with the outcome, and Chance shared his comments during his last appointment.

“To me, the problems with my mouth started when I was nine. A friend and I were goofing around in the church and I got hit in the face with a door knob. It went downhill from there – messed up crooked teeth and a major jaw problem.

“My dad and I went around to several orthodontists to get their opinions. Dad let me choose and I picked Dr. Wilson. Probably the biggest reason was that he was more thorough in the way he approached things. The other guys just talked about braces to straighten my teeth. Dr. Wilson talked about correcting my jaw problems, too. He told me that I was getting a little old to be treated without needing surgery and teeth pulled, but everything worked out…I feel lucky.

“My braces are coming off in seven months but everyone already sees a big difference. I like the way I look, even in braces. Not only that, but there are other improvements, too. I’m in theater, and people tell me that my voice is louder and clearer. My breathing has improved, too.

“Braces aren’t just for girls. My advice is that if you’re not happy with how you look then fix it. I know it’s made a big difference in my life!”